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Wisconsin Boat Access NEPA

Draft Environmental Assessment For Statewide
Public Water Access Development
for the State of Wisconsin

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), invites the public to review and comment on a draft generic Environmental Assessment (EA) for the construction of public water access sites in Wisconsin.  The draft EA evaluates three alternatives, including the proposed alternative that would continue developing and renovating access facilities on lakes and rivers using Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration funds.  Under the generic EA, a site specific worksheet would be developed for each new public access site along with having a public comment period.  The worksheet would be tiered from the generic EA. However, unless there are environmental or public concerns with a proposed development site, a complete EA would not be done for each proposed site.

Another alternative that was considered was continued project work at a diminished level of activity without using federal funding, and an alternative with no new public construction/renovation work, instead depending on private efforts to meet the public's needs.

The draft EA is available below.  A printed copy of the draft EA can also be obtained from the:  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Southeast Region, P.O. Box 12436, Milwaukee, WI 53212, Attn: Dave Dahms, Public Waterway Access Coordinator (telephone 414-263-8670).  Written comments should be sent to Dahms via mail at the above address, via email to: or via fax to: 414-263-8661. Comments must be received by July 19, 2004.

Draft Environmental Assessment

Table 1 - Summary of Triggers that may Lead to Closer Environmental Review

Table 2 - Summary of Environmental Consequences

Appendix A - Chapter NR 1.91, Wisconsin Administrative Code

Appendix B - Chapter NR 150, Wisconsin Administrative Code

Appendix C - Example: Site Specific Review


Last updated: July 16, 2008