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Minnesota Boat NEPA

Final Environmental Assessment For Statewide
Public Water Access Development for the State of Minnesota

The final Generic Environmental Assessment (EA) for considering several methods of providing boating access to public waters in the State of Minnesota was approved on September 17, 2002.   The Proposed Alternative was selected, which is to continue (No Action) development of public access sites utilizing Federal funding.   The Proposed Alternative considered impacts that are most likely to occur at development sites and describes how each issue will be addressed at individual sites.   It provides for an abbreviated site specific NEPA review as each access site is considered for development or upgrading including public review for all new sites and renovated sites with substantial expansion.  If problems arise with any of the ten key issues during a site review, a full Environmental Assessment will be considered for the site.   The other two Alternatives considered were to develop public access without Federal Funding and to rely on private access development.

Provided below is a copy of the final EA.   Printed copies of the draft EA are also available from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Central Office, Box 52, 500 Lafayette Rd., St. Paul, MN 55155-4052, Attn:   Mr. Kim Lockwood, Trails and Waterways Division (telephone 651/297-4954).

Final Environmental Assessment

Appendix A - Public Access Statute

Appendix B - Minnesota Lake and River Distribution

Appendix C - Example:  Site Specific Review


Last updated: July 16, 2008