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Glacial Ridge NEPA

Public Comment Sought on
Draft Environmental Assessment and
Public Hunt Plan for
Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge

The Service is seeking public comments on a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and Hunt Plan that would allow public hunting on Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge in northwest Minnesota.  A Compatibility Determination for allowing hunting on the Refuge is also available for public comment.  The refuge, located in Polk County near Crookston, Minn., was established in October 2004 when ownership of the first parcel of land was transferred from The Nature Conservancy to the Service.   

Before hunting can take place on a National Wildlife Refuge, a hunt plan must be written and approved.  The draft EA, accompanying Hunt Plan, and Compatibility Determination are all part of the process of opening the refuge to public hunting. 

Four alternatives are considered in the draft EA, including a "no action" alternative that would continue hunting under the same stipulations that had been utilized by The Nature Conservancy.    

A second alternative would open 40 percent of the refuge to migratory bird hunting but allow deer and upland game hunting throughout the refuge.  A third alternative would only allow migratory bird hunting on 20 percent of the land while having some closed areas for deer and upland game.

The Service's preferred alternative is to open 40 percent of the land for migratory bird hunting, and to have open areas for deer and upland game hunting.  There would be closed areas to provide for other non-hunting activities during hunting seasons and to meet the requirements of the Migratory Bird Conservation Act which requires that no more than 40 percent of a refuge be open to migratory bird hunting. The EA, Hunt Plan, and Compatibility Determination are available below and at the Crookston Public Library, 110 North Ash in Crookston, MN.  Printed copies of the these documents can also be obtained by calling Rydell National Wildlife Refuge at 218-687-2229; by faxing a request to 218-687-2225, or by writing to Rydell National Wildlife Refuge, 17788 349th Street, Southeast, Erskine, MN  56535.  Written comments on the EA,  Hunt Plan, or Compatibility Determination can be mailed to David Bennett at Rydell National Wildlife Refuge, faxed to the fax number above, or sent via e-mail to:   .  Written comments should be received by the Service by the close of business January 24, 2004.

Draft Environmental Assessment

Hunt Plan

Figure 1 for Hunt Plan

Figure 2 for Hunt Plan

Compatibility Determination


Last updated: July 16, 2008