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Alton NEPA

Service Invites Public Comments on
Draft  Environmental Assessment for the
City of Alton, Illinois Marina Breakwater Extension

The Service in cooperation with the City of Alton, Illinois and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, invites the public to review and comment on a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the construction of a marina breakwater extension on the Mississippi River in Alton, Illinois. The draft EA evaluates three action alternatives, including the proposed alternative. All three action alternatives would extend an existing breakwater to the Illinois shore to prevent silt from depositing in front of the existing boat ramp and launching area. A "No-Action" alternative is also evaluated in the document.

The southern boundary of the Alton marina is formed by a 1,300 foot long rubble mound breakwater. This breakwater, known as the "Trail Dike", was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as part of their program to reconstruct Lock and Dam 26. The Trail Dike is responsible for the creation of a large silt island that has formed downstream of the marina. The island has increased to the point where some river flow is running upstream between the island and the Illinois shore. This "backflow" is entering the marina through a gap in an existing breakwater and, as velocity slackens, silt deposits in front of the boat ramp and as far into the marina as the fuel dock.

The proposed alternative would address this problem by extending the existing breakwater to the shore to provide a closure and prevent silt from entering the marina. The three action alternatives are three different extension configurations and construction methods that would all provide the necessary closure. The proposed alternative is a vertical sheet pile wall that would maximize maneuvering space in front of the boat ramp and be constructed entirely on City property.

The EA was prepared in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) that applies to the actions of all federal agencies. This project is proposed by the City of Alton, Illinois and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for funding through the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act), administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The draft EA is available below. Additionally, copies may be obtained from the City of Alton, Illinois Attn: Phil Roggio, Director of Public Affairs, City Hall, Room 204, Alton, Illinois 62002 (telephone 618/463-3533) or copies may be viewed at the Alton Library. Written comments should be sent to Roggio via mail at the above address, via email:, or via fax to 618/463-0972. Comments should be received by Roggio not later than August 2, 2004.

Draft Environmental Assessment

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Attachments - IL DNR Comprehensive Environmental Review Form and USFWS Section 7 Form


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