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Freshwater Mussels of the Upper Mississippi River System

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Mussel Harvest on the River
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Nearly 300 species of mussels inhabit freshwater rivers and lakes in North America. This is the richest diversity of mussels found in the world. Freshwater mussels are sedentary, long-lived (some live over 100 years) mollusks that live in sediments and filter water to feed. Because they are filter-feeders, mussels are excellent indicators of the health of aquatic ecosystems. In addition, mussels are a vital link in the food chain because they are a major food item for wildlife such as raccoon, muskrat, and otter. Their lustrous pearl-like interiors have made them valuable in the cultured pearl and jewelry industry.

Species Identification and LocationThreatened and Endangered MusselsLife HistoryEcologyMussel Harvest on the RiverCurrent ThreatsMussel Conservation ActivitiesOngoing Studies and ProjectsMultimediaTeacher ResourcesFrequently Asked QuestionsGlossaryReferencesLinks to Other Mussel SitesAbout this site

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