Migratory Birds
Midwest Region
Bobolink. USFWS photo.

Bobolink. USFWS photo.

Great Egrets. USFWS photo.

Great Egrets. USFWS photo.

Migratory Bird Management

The Division of Migratory Bird Management focuses on four key areas:

  • We identify Midwest birds of concern including rare, declining, hunted, and superabundant birds that are the focus of conservation and management actions.

  • We conduct and coordinate monitoring and research activities to better understand stressors impacting bird populations.

  • We provide recreational opportunities including hunting, birding, and environmental education.

  • We issue permits for biological, educational and nuisance control purposes.

  • We work with partners to develop and implement cross-jurisdictional bird conservation initiatives.

Bird Habitat Conservation

The Division of Bird Habitat Conservation coordinates collaborative, regionally-based partnerships known as Joint Ventures. These partnerships are comprised of government agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations, tribes and individuals working to implement bird conservation plans within specific geographic areas or for specific species.

The Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture and the Prairie Potholes Joint Venture are two such partnerships advancing bird conservation in the Midwest.

The Division of Bird Habitat Conservation also administers federal funding programs that support birds and bird habitat.




Last updated: August 2, 2017