Migratory Birds
Midwest Region

Migratory Birds Office Directory

Division of Migratory Birds
Employee Area of Expertise Phone Number E-Mail
Tom Cooper Chief, Division of Migratory Birds 612-713-5338 tom_cooper@fws.gov
Vacant Deputy Chief, Game Birds and Avian Health/Disease Coordinator    
Terry Prax Administrative Officer 612-713-5326 terry_prax@fws.gov
Vacant Assistant Administrative Officer    
Migratory Bird Management and Conservation
Employee Area of Expertise Phone Number E-Mail
Tom Will Migratory Bird Coordinator and Partners in Flight Liaison, Urban Birds 612-713-5362 tom_will@fws.gov
Katie Koch Northern Forest Birds, Migration Monitoring, and Midwest Avian Data Center 906-226-1249 katie_koch@fws.gov
Rachael Pierce Waterbirds, cormorants, shorebirds 517-351-5219 rachael_pierce@fws.gov
Kelly VanBeek Grassland Birds 608-238-9333 Ext. 132 kelly_vanbeek@fws.gov
Migratory Bird Permits
Employee Area of Expertise Phone Number E-Mail
Larry Harrison Permits Supervisor 612-713-5489 larry_harrison@fws.gov
Deanne Endrizzi Eagle Disturbance/Take Permits & Scientific Collecting 612-713-5441 deanne_endrizzi@fws.gov
Jason Mercado Other Permits (IL, IN, MN, OH) 612-713-5421 jason_mercado@fws.gov
Richard Rottman Other Permits (IA, MI, MO, WI) 612-713-5449 richard_rottman@fws.gov
Margaret Rheude Eagle Disturbance/Take Permits (MN & WI) 952-252-0092 Ext. 202 margaret_rheude@fws.gov
Chris Mensing Eagle Disturbance/Take Permits (IN, OH, MI) 517-351-8316 chris_mensing@fws.gov
Ryan Anthony Eagle Disturbance/Take Permits (IL, IN, MO) 309-757-5800 Ext. 205 ryan_anthony@fws.gov
Bird Habitat Conservation (Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture)
Employee Area of Expertise Phone Number E-Mail
Andrew Forbes Joint Venture Coordinator 612-713-5364 andrew_forbes@fws.gov
Anna Sidie-Slettedahl Assistant Joint Venture Coordinator 612-713-5129 anna_sidie-slettedahl@fws.gov
Greg Soulliere Upper Miss & Great Lakes Joint Venture Science Coordinator 517-351-4214 greg_soulliere@fws.gov
Mohammed Al-Saffar Bird Conservation Modeler 517-351-8334 mohammed_al-saffar@fws.gov
Habitat and Population Evaluation Team (HAPET)
Employee Area of Expertise Phone Number E-Mail
Dan Hertel HAPET East Coordinator 218-736-0640 dan_hertel@fws.gov
Jaymi LeBrun Bird Conservation Modeler 612-713-5346 jaymi_lebrun@fws.gov
Last updated: June 27, 2018