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Fish ID Program
Fish ID Program


Youth Outdoor Fest (Outreach Event)

La Crosse FWCO works with their Friends Group and La Crosse Park and Recreation each year on the annual Youth Outdoor Fest that brings in close to 2,000 people. This is a hands-on event for kids to get them interested in doing activities outside. Kids can catch a fish, shoot a bow, drive a boat, paddle a canoe or kayak, play games, learn fur/fish/feather identification, ride a pontoon, and much more. 

Fishing for Fun Backpack (Library Resource)

Fishing for Fun Backpacks, assembled and maintained by our Friends Group, is located at all the local Libraries in the Winding Rivers Library System. Backpacks have an aquatic theme with hands-on activities relating to fishing, freshwater mussels, aquatic invertebrates and spending time near water bodies. Fishing for Fun Backpacks contain a telescopic fishing pole, tackle box and tackle, fish identification cards, local maps for fishing spots, fishing guide book, aquatic invertebrate nets, invertebrate collection tips, magnifying glass, freshwater mussel shells/quiz, mussel identification book, Russell the Mussel book, scavenger hunts, Secchi disk, and natural resources journal and identification books. These backpacks can be checked out from libraries just like a book. 

Other Outreach Events

If you are interested in an outreach event tailored to your curriculum at your site, please contact our outreach specialist, Gretchen Newberry, at

Last updated: October 24, 2018