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October 2018

A fall full of activity in the Midwest Region

Acting Regional Director Charlie Wooley. Photo by USFWS.
Acting Regional Director Charlie Wooley. Photo by USFWS.

The colors are changing on trees across our region from the northern stretches to the southernmost points. It’s a truly fantastic time of year for being outdoors. I recently ventured out to enjoy some late season muskie fishing on Lake of the Woods and hope each of you are also getting out into the field, be it for hunting, fishing or just enjoying the lands we cherish and work so hard to conserve.

With waterfowl hunting in mind, it’s noteworthy that we have released our 2018 national Waterfowl Status Report and the Department has announced $36 million in funding that will be matched generously by our partners that will improve access to public lands and benefit many wetland species. This is good news as we gear up for fall hunts for youth and disabled individuals, and the increased public access for hunting that our Service lands provide.

I’m pleased to have had the chance to celebrate our great partnerships with Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke who joined us as we hosted Private Lands Partners Day, a national event held in Springfield, Missouri last week. This important event shares the success of progress made nationally through conservation efforts on private lands and honors those landowners who have invested so much toward that success.

On the home front, I recently hosted a conference call with project leaders to discuss the implementation now underway of the Department’s reorganization initiative. I will continue to do my part to keep everyone informed of how things are progressing but anticipate we will move forward as we always have here, with our sights set on success.

That also goes for the changes that the Joint Administrative Operations or JAO brings to our staff in ABA, their many customers, and to other offices who realign into this new way of doing business. As you all know, change is coming, change can be unsettling and we don’t know all of the fine details yet. I assure you that leadership will do its part to keep this as calm and as positive of an experience as possible. We will strive to continue sharing with you the important information you need to know so you can continue the great work each of you do.

Please continue to keep our eyes open when it comes to safety. Be safe in the workplace and at home and keep an eye out for each other. You are our most important asset. Keep this fall a safe one.

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Last updated: October 10, 2018