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Regional Director Tom Melius talks about eagles with a participant at the Chicago Park District Corridor Community Planting Day. Photo by Louise Clemency/USFWS
Regional Director Tom Melius. Photo by USFWS.

October 2016

The feel of Fall

The feel of fall is in the air as October opens, and with it, the return of water cooler hunting tales as many who enjoy the fall harvest take to the woods. Whether grouse, duck or deer are the target, our people are getting outdoors to enjoy the visible successes of our hard work during the field season.

October also brings us more milestones to cheer as we celebrate the public treasures we tend to with many events across the region for National Wildlife Refuge Week. I’ll visit several of our refuges during Refuge Week and I also am looking forward to joining the staff at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge as a guest speaker for the 40th anniversary of one of our urban refuge treasures. Our refuges and the work we do on them continues provide the public with opportunities for outdoor recreation and conservation.

I know that we’re winding down this season’s efforts for pollinators, but I still look forward to seeing as we roll up the data of that concentrated effort we have all put out this year. That vital work, while directly relating to pollinators, is also so very important and beneficial to a myriad of species, like brown ground nesting birds and so many others that rely on our healthy landscapes. I’m pleased by this year’s results by our region and by the entire agency where so many have jumped aboard.

We’re also at that time of year where some of our northern reaches of the region could see their first snowfall. With that in mind, I encourage you all to plan now for the indoor efforts that prepare us for the return of our next field season that comes around quickly again.

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Enjoy this month’s Inside Region 3!


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Last updated: October 5, 2016