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Regional Director Tom Melius talks about eagles with a participant at the Chicago Park District Corridor Community Planting Day. Photo by Louise Clemency/USFWS
Regional Director Tom Melius. Photo by USFWS.

October 2014

Migration and Monarchs

While it’s great that we are starting the new fiscal year with our facilities and lands open to the public, I’m hopeful that Congress will be able to work its fiscal magic soon – either by passing a continuing resolution through the rest of this fiscal year or passing an appropriations bill to provide funding for the remainder of the year.

October is a time when we see many birds continuing to move through the Midwest on their migratory journeys. Monarch butterflies are also heading to Texas and points south. While summer days are now behind us, there are still a few late blooming butterflies in our area. Check out this video of a monarch emerging from its chrysalis in Minneapolis just this week. With temperatures starting to cool off, this little one better hurry up! Thank you to our many Midwest Region staff and volunteers for your recent efforts saving and sowing milkweed seeds to conserve this unique species. Our efforts can and will help make a positive difference for monarch conservation.

This time of year it is also gratifying to take a look back at our habitat restoration accomplishments and their positive impacts on fish and wildlife. Several of our stories this month highlight our restoration activities, such as those supporting lake sturgeons on the Menominee River <read story here> and in Green Bay to improve nesting habitat for shorebirds <read story here>.

Finally, thank you to those who have stepped up to participate in our SUTL and ALDP leadership development programs <read story here>, you are the next generation of leaders. I appreciate that many folks in our region are interested in these fine training opportunities and I encourage all to learn more by talking with current and past participants.

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Last updated: October 1, 2014