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November 2018

Acting Regional Director Charlie Wooley. Photo by USFWS.
Acting Regional Director Charlie Wooley. Photo by USFWS.

One DOI – Toward a more efficient
way of doing business

These last few months I’ve had the honor of being heavily involved as a regional facilitator with our leadership at the Department of Interior and our sister bureaus carving out a modernized version of One DOI. I know that change can be unsettling for all of us, but before anyone asks the question, let me reassure you: it’s not time to panic.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is well represented in this effort. Three of the 12 regional facilitators are from the Service. We are overseeing the effort to reshape our agency, with your vital help, for a future that promises better coordination of services across bureaus. Some of you have had your names put forward and have stepped up to help. Now that initial working groups have been identified, many of you will be rolling up your sleeves and leading our efforts to make improvements from the field on up. Thank you to those directly involved and to all for keeping an open mind and assisting with this process as we move forward. I’m looking forward to hearing your great ideas.

My pledge to you is this: I will continue to do all I can to keep you informed. I will over-communicate, so everyone is aware of how we are progressing and how each of you fits into this organization. In that vein, I’ve already held several regional conference calls with our supervisors in the field and will continue to do so as there is information to share or questions to be addressed. As I get word from the Department, that word will go out to you. Keep up your great work. Let me know if you have questions. We’ll get through this together and be better for it on the other side.

On a personal note, as both Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving approach, I’m so very thankful for my daughter’s return from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan after six months on deployment. She’s a nurse and captain in the U.S. Air Force and we’re pleased to have her back as we near the holidays. With those thoughts in mind, I’d like to thank those of you who are military veterans and those of our staff wearing two-hats, serving even today with the National Guard and Reserve components of our military. I appreciate your service and sacrifice and that of your families which so often is just taken in stride. You’re amazing individuals and my hat goes off to each of you and your families this Veterans Day. Learn More 

And as we near a traditional time of feasting, family and loved ones (and football), I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time together and look back on the many great things we have accomplished together over the past year. I am thankful for the team of professionals we have. As always, please keep your guard up. Holiday times often bring potential safety hazards. We want to see you all back on duty, healthy and happy!

We have another great bunch of stories to share in this month’s issue including:

Enjoy reading. Happy Veterans Day and Thanksgiving to you and your families!

Charlie Wooley

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Last updated: November 8, 2018