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Regional Director Tom Melius talks about eagles with a participant at the Chicago Park District Corridor Community Planting Day. Photo by Louise Clemency/USFWS
Regional Director Tom Melius. Photo by USFWS.

November 2016

A cornucopia of fall activities

Like many of you, I find that fall is a time when I take great joy in being in the field bird hunting. One can hope for the success that will result in many meals for the months ahead.

One of the puzzle pieces that led to this season’s bird hunting opportunities has just been repeated to pave the way for the fall season next year. Several weeks ago I was honored to serve on the Service Regulation Committee as we hosted this annual public meeting with the national Flyway representatives to determine the proposed regulations for the 2017-18 season. Learn more

And there was even more excitement closer to home with a special event on one of our refuges. I’d like to give a shout out to the staff at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge where I recently joined them for their 40th Anniversary celebration, as did Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and Congresswoman Betty McCollum. This refuge gets a great many visitors every year, thanks in part to it being one of our urban refuges, and reaches the masses as it provides the community with so many great outdoor learning and conservation opportunities. It was a pleasure to attend this event. Learn more

Veterans Day is here and with it the opportunity for all of us to pay tribute to those who have served our nation. Many veterans, in addition to serving our country in the military, are also members of our proud U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service family. I hope each of you will take a moment to turn your thoughts, not only to those service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, but also to those standing at attention today who allow us to continue our conservation work in a free nation. I salute them and give a shout out to our very own Service veterans for their contributions. Learn more

We recently also hosted a first of its kind event for our Regional Office employees and many took time out of their day to roll up their sleeves to collect and plant seeds from a variety of different prairie grass and flower species that will support pollinators. Learn more

Thanksgiving is near and I hope you have a wonderful gathering with family and friends to enjoy a feast and special times together. Know that I am thankful for your year-long efforts and accomplishments that keep our Service mission moving forward and that provide others the opportunity to harvest, view, learn and enjoy these great resources we are privileged to work with each day.

And as each of you enjoys your free time, whether hunting, sightseeing on our lands to experience the colors of fall and the critters we adore, or the many other opportunities the season brings, I again remind you to be safe and smart. We value each of you and look forward to seeing you back refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead.

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Last updated: November 14, 2016