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Acting Regional Director Charlie Wooley. Photo by USFWS.
Acting Regional Director Charlie Wooley. Photo by USFWS.

May 2019

Seasonal flooding adds new challenges

While many of us are finally enjoying some nicer weather this spring, flooding has taken its toll on many of our refuges and is expected to continue with additional rainfall in the forecast, especially for the southern portions of our region. To name a few, Clarence Cannon, Two Rivers, Illinois River Complex, and Mingo National Wildlife Refuges have been hard hit. The flooding has extended thanks to rains following so closely behind the winter melt off, making this season’s flooding heavy in many areas throughout our region and beyond.

I appreciate all who are working through these difficult circumstances and I know our dedicated staff have even taken such lengths as boating to the office in instances where their roads are inundated or even washed out. All of you working in these flooded areas I ask you to make sure safety is a priority and that you follow the procedures that are in place if called upon to respond to emergencies.

I recently had the inspirational yet challenging privilege of speaking at the Project Leaders Academy. For my participation I served as a storyteller to share some of my experiences that could benefit this prestigious group. Not only did I enjoy this one-hour plus discussion and sharing my stories, but I was able to listen and hear some valuable feedback from those attending. Even with the years of Service experience I have gained, I still am able to walk away with something learned when I get the chance to participate in these types of events and treasure this powerful two-way experience. It’s another opportunity to spend valuable time with the many good people we have serving as today’s project leaders.

Any backyard birders out there? This past weekend, while I was enjoying a morning cup of coffee with family, I was able to witness one of spring’s treasured and awe-inspiring events, the return of some of our more colorful migrating birds. In this instance it was the return of Baltimore Orioles including a brightly colored male who returned to my backyard feeder, stopping to enjoy some fresh orange and grape jelly I had put out for them. It made me ponder what an amazing trek for all of these migrating birds we enjoy during this season. Some, like this male oriole, are returning from as far away as Central and South America, and then reaching northernmost points well into Canada. Learn more about planning your own dinner party for the birds. (Link to bird feeder feature)

Plenty of great stories in this month’s Inside Region 3 including:

An amazing butterfly display now open at Mall of America

An agreement in the works involving energy and transportation partners to conserve millions of acres of rights-of-way to benefit monarchs

Results of the recent Indiana bat surveys at the Sodalis Nature Preserve

Keep up the great work out there as we’re back into the busy field season once again. And enjoy this month’s issue of Inside Region 3!


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Last updated: May 9, 2019