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Acting Regional Director Charlie Wooley. Photo by USFWS.
Acting Regional Director Charlie Wooley. Photo by USFWS.

March 2019

Through winter’s cold and burying snow our mission continues

Despite weather records around the region, be it coldest temperatures or record snowfalls, we continue working toward our mission like a finely tuned bobsled. We’ve had offices in the northern reaches where snow has drifted to window blocking levels. Marquette Sea Lamprey Control office in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is one prime example. But still it’s good to be back in full swing of the important work we do.

This snowy winter could very well result in spring flooding if the melting comes fast, or if the rainy season is a harsh one. So we’ll be watching for flood possibilities as that time begins

With the extremes we have and continue to experience in our weather forecasts, it’s always good to remember to remain vigilant and be safe. Be it navigating icy roads both at work and during your personal time or taking precautions during heavy snow removal, I remind you to keep your guard up, remember the training you have received for winter work and exercise caution for this season’s safety risks. I’d also like to add a “hats off” to Dave Wedan and our team of cold weather watercraft safety trainers in the region.

In this month’s Inside Region 3 we have a number of awards to celebrate. Congratulations to Scott Hicks for winning the Service’s national Science Leadership Award (Learn more) and Scott Glup for being named Ducks Unlimited’s Minnesota Conservation Partner of the Year (Learn more).

And speaking of awards, remember that now is the time to make your nominations for this year’s Midwest Region Employee Excellence Awards. If you have an extraordinary co-worker, please submit a nomination. All are welcome and encouraged to submit a nomination. And since peer nominations are the foundation of these awards, it makes them stand out from other Service Awards. Your nominations are due by March 29.

In closing, as we enter the last blast of winter, I am reminded of some of the happy moments that this season brings. Supporting activities, like ice fishing events for both kids and adults to get outside during the winter is a lot of work but makes a big difference for the public we serve. It’s always great to see those big smiles! We have a story this month featuring our now decade old youth fishing event held at Genoa National Fish Hatchery in Wisconsin. And be sure to check out one story that hints at the coming of spring - featuring our favorite piping plovers as they prepare for the upcoming Spring migration.

Enjoy this month’s Inside Region 3!



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Last updated: March 8, 2019