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(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photo)
(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photo)

Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC Releases First Annual Report Highlighting Progress, Research Priorities and Future Direction

By Ashley Spratt
External Affairs

The Plains and Prairie Potholes Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) has released a comprehensive annual report highlighting the accomplishments of more than 30 agencies and organizations across state and international boundaries committed to healthy ecosystems for current and future generations of fish, wildlife and people.

Steering committee and technical committee members representing federal, state and non-governmental entities have worked since 2010 to connect on-the-ground natural resources managers with cutting-edge scientific research on climate change, land-use changes, and other landscape challenges.

In this report, steering committee co-chairs Tom Melius, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Midwest Regional Director, and Terry Steinwand, North Dakota Game and Fish Department Director, provide a breakdown on spending, steering committee and technical committee membership, progress on 27 ongoing research projects, communications efforts and future direction.

Since 2010, the LCC has provided nearly $3.5 million in funding to bolster the conservation community's scientific foundation for management of natural resources and the development of tools and frameworks to improve collaboration within the conservation community. LCC partners are working in collaboration to deliver the contemporary science needed to address natural resources challenges within the plains and prairie potholes landscape.

The Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC has capitalized on pre-existing conservation communities and networks to engage with federal, state, non-governmental and tribal groups to ensure an open, two-way dialogue surrounding LCC activities. This annual report offers continued transparency and accountability on behalf of the partnership as the LCC forges ahead in 2013.




Last updated: March 19, 2013