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Regional Director Tom Melius Photo by USFWS
Regional Director Tom Melius. Photo by USFWS.

June 2018

Summer in one fell swoop

In the northernmost points of our region, summer has fallen upon us in one fell swoop as we witnessed temps reaching into triple digits to round out the month of May. Now we can enjoy seeing goslings and ducklings popping up along our potholes and small lakes and know that our staff are deep into the work of another busy field season.

This month I will be doing a bit of travelling. One stop being for the celebration at Genoa National Fish Hatchery in Wisconsin. There they will be opening the much-anticipated Great River Road Interpretive Center located along the scenic byway of Wisconsin Highway 35. This celebration has been five years in the making as groundbreaking took place in 2013. The new interpretive center will be a valuable site for the 14,000 annual visitors to the hatchery.

I’ll also be paying a visit to Necedah National Wildlife Refuge and, during that visit, will recognize the Friends of Necedah, winners of the 2018 Molly Krival Refuge System Friends Group of the Year. I’m also pleased to point out that Midwest Region refuge friends groups have now won this top honor for three consecutive years, including the Trempealeau Refuge Friends Group in 2017 and the Friends of Tamarac Refuge in 2016.

Another important trip I’ll make this month is for a consultation with the Keeweenaw Bay Indian Community to discuss management issues for Huron National Wildlife Refuge. Huron Refuge is one of only three places in the Midwest Region I’ve not set foot upon. More about the other two later.

As you may have heard, I will be retiring at the end of the month and I am looking forward to spending some quality time on the lakes that I’ve not done in decades. More to come in the July issue on that.

And lastly, I am pleased that the other two places I have not set foot upon in our region are actually featured in this month’s issue: Big Oaks and Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuges. Although I was not able to visit them in person, a shout-out to the great things you all do out there.

Enjoy this month’s Inside Region 3!


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Last updated: June 4, 2018