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Butterfly milkweed for monarch butterflies. Photo by USFWS.

Butterfly milkweed. Photo by USFWS.

Creating A Monarch Utopia In Iowa

Our Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program (Partners Program) in Iowa recently received funding to continue improvement of monarch butterfly habitat in Iowa. A national effort to create a monarch corridor along the I-35 has been heavily publicized through the Monarch Joint Venture and has attracted the attention of the public. Our goal is to establish a series of restoration projects on 1,500 acres from the southern to the northern borders in Iowa. We are working strategically with landowners to restore sites between 10-20 acres for monarchs and other pollinators. We have partnered with the Iowa Department of Natural Resource’s Prairie Partners Program, Pheasants Forever and Iowa County Conservation Board to stretch and leverage our funding to increase our impact.

John Paule is a private landowner in Madison County, Iowa who stepped up to help provide additional habitat for monarchs and other pollinators along the corridor. John is excited for the opportunity to help and offered up 70 acres of old farmland for a new monarch utopia! John is now working with the Partners Program biologist Gregg Pattison. John and Gregg developed a high diverse forb mix to provide nectar plants for pollinators and additional milkweed species for monarch butterflies. John has already completed the seeding and is looking forward to those benefits next spring. Like many of the landowners we work with, John strives to help the wildlife on his property. Whether it be a monarch, a mallard, or bumble bee, John wants to do the right thing and the Partners Program is there to help!

By Doug Helmers
Iowa Private Lands Office


Last updated: June 5, 2015