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Regional Director Tom Melius Photo by USFWS
Regional Director Tom Melius. Photo by USFWS.

July 2017

This summer brings us new faces
and new opportunities

As we are full speed ahead into summer now, it’s good to see a new face in the Director’s corridor. Greg Sheehan is our new Deputy Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with his appointment by Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Sheehan served as the Director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Services before this appointment and brings a wealth of experience to his new job.

I look forward to the opportunity of getting to know Greg better in the days ahead. Hopefully you all were able to listen to his all employee videoconference where he covered many issues. But in case you missed it, or simply would like to hear it again, we’ve provided a link at the end of my column for viewing.

Part of Greg’s message reinforced what Charlie Wooley and I always support, an open door policy so that we can hear from you. To help support that, you’ll soon be seeing an icon for “Your Voice” added to your computer.  This application will allow you to send direct, anonymous messages directly to Charlie and me.

One of the more popular summer pastimes for oh so many of us is getting out on our refuges and enjoying a little fishing. Our field offices have hosted or will be hosting fishing events this season. Learn More I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get out and wet a line myself this summer. While each of us are out trying to land the ever elusive “big one”, I remind each of you to think water safety for yourself, your family and your friends who join you in that adventure.  Summer is a very active time for many, but it’s also one where our vigilance is so very important when it comes to doing the things we know will keep us all safe.

The new Federal Duck Stamp featuring the artwork of Jim Hautman is now available for sale. Learn more I look forward to buying several of the new stamps as soon as possible and encourage each of you to do the same.  And while we celebrate another art contest win by the Hautman family with this stamp, the Region is fortunate to co-host the next Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest, September 15-16, at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. We’ll have to wait until then to see if the next winner is either one of the Hautman family or some other Midwest artist whose work is selected in the prestigious national contest.

There are many great partnerships we have in the Service, and this month I’d like to mention the partners who are doing outstanding work in restoring the endangered Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly.  The Hine’s emerald is one of the most imperiled dragonflies in all of North America and the partnership featured in this month’s issue is working to release some Hine’s emeralds that were reared at our own Genoa National Fish Hatchery, in Wisconsin. Learn more

In closing, I’d also like to give a shout out to the great staff at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge in Minnesota, who are featured in our Meet the Staff section.  I’ve enjoyed visiting Tamarac and all the people there doing great things. They have a top-notch visitor center, educational discovery center, friends group and so much more. Learn More

Enjoy this month’s issue of Inside Region 3!



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Last updated: July 7, 2017