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Regional Director Tom Melius talks about eagles with a participant at the Chicago Park District Corridor Community Planting Day. Photo by Louise Clemency/USFWS
Regional Director Tom Melius. Photo by USFWS.

January 2016

A New Year + Fresh Snow Cover = Time To Get Out And Enjoy The Season

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and came back refreshed and ready to make 2016 a successful and prosperous year. By now we have snow on the ground in many parts of the region, which beckons us all to get outside, and out to our field offices to enjoy the unique opportunities that only winter can bring.

Our field offices have much to offer this time of year, whether at scheduled events or impromptu visits. I encourage each of you to get out and enjoy yourselves this winter. Learn more about some of the events already on the calendar.

As we’re in the season of weather extremes, we’ve witnessed flooding events along the Illinois, Missouri and Upper Mississippi Rivers, which thankfully are now receding. As it recedes and moves on from those areas, I know our offices further downstream can still be inundated. Similar to past flooding events, I’m proud of how our staff has responded and managed through the challenges. I thank you for your dedicated work even in challenging times as these.

January also includes a special holiday as we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reflecting on his work years ago and comparing that to the strides forward we have made in diversity, one can’t help but see the benefits to the resource when everyone comes together to do positive work. I urge you to pause and give thought to the importance of diversity and understanding in both our professional and personal lives as we recognize Dr. King this month.

I’m also proud yet again of our region for showing continual leadership in monarch work.  Next week the Midwest Region will host leadership from across the country at the National Conservation Training Center to further our strategy for meeting the goal of 225 million monarchs wintering in Mexico by 2020. This is a goal I know we can meet thanks to your hard work and that of the many others participating in this effort. Learn More

I’m also pleased to give a shout out to our staff at Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge and Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge. They teamed with our own Regional Office engineers and support staff to complete separate projects that were recently recognized by the Director with Environmental Leadership Awards.  Having seen some of this work firsthand, I encourage you to work into your schedules a visit to these facilities to see for yourself the great things they have going on. Learn More

Here’s to a safe and productive year ahead! 

Enjoy this month’s issue of Inside Region 3.



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Last updated: January 8, 2016