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April 2013

Tom Melius

The Sights and Sounds of Our Colorful Season Ahead

The sights and sounds of our returning migration of colorful birds and hibernating creatures have come full circle again -- a sure sign that our high profile and busy field season is near. The time of year that the preparations made in shops and parts less traveled come into full view as public use of our resources sees the same uptick as the number of fascinating creatures spotted.

A new creature sighting this year will be one that was celebrated with our April 5 ribbon cutting to unveil the phenomenal new Whitney Genetics Lab at the La Crosse Fish Health Center. This new lab is state-of-the-art and will do far more than just meet immediate needs, as it will be a benefit in the long term to both the Service and our many partners.

Our celebration marks the completion of this 5,800-square foot facility attached to the La Crosse Fish Health Center and the beginning of its use toward extensive research into detection and prevention of invasive species, through eDNA study, and much more.

As all of our staff draw nearer to what we fondly know as the busy field season, I highly encourage each of you to take the time now to complete the important training we do annually. Training will always be one of the key components to our success and to the safety of our staff who work to meet the daily challenges of the Service’s mission.  Appropriate training is essential to keep the skills and techniques of our Service family at the highest possible levels, even in times of tighter budgets.

Equally important is safety, not only in the workplace but also during our time spent with friends and family. Although much might seem repetitious and common sense, every year we stand a risk if we let complacence win and our guard down. Examples abound in news stories each year where some do let their guard down. Keep your activities both safe and enjoyable, be it breaking out the barbecue, spending time on the water or even using caution from overdoing it when handling warm weather chores. Beware of the threats that always exist and keep this season’s activities memorable for the good things.

As for our budget, by now many have heard that Congress and the President have moved forward the continuing resolution that will fund us through the fiscal year, one that clearly remains a challenge with the decreases we are facing. I remain hopeful in our ability to maintain the solid work we have come to know and expect. I know we will rise to meet these challenges together.

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Last updated: April 11, 2013