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Conservation Plans

HAPET defines Conservation Plans as a dynamic suite of objectives, models, priority areas, and evaluation needs that are continually updated, refined and revised as better information becomes available and as new forces begin to act on this system. Nevertheless, it is often useful to summarize the current state of a conservation strategy or plan in document form.


On this page, we provide links to the current iteration of various Conservation Plans as well as to other documents that describe the conservation planning process.

PPJV Implementation Plan

Prairie Pothole Region Intergrated Landscape Conservation Strategy (PPRILCS) - broad scale interdisciplinary and inter-agency partnership that is working to develop and implement an integrated vision of conservation and agriculture throughout the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesota and Iowa.

NAWMP2004.jpgThe North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) was developed in 1986 to sustain abundant waterfowl populations by conserving landscapes, through wide ranging partnerships.  The plan was adopted as an international agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Since its implementation in 1986 the plan has undergone revisions to address biological, sociological, and economic changes that influence the status of waterfowl and cooperative habitat conservation.
2004 Strategic Guidance --------------- 2004 Implementation Framework


landbird_cover_larger_bd.jpg The North American Landbird Conservation Plan is a cooperative effort
involving partnerships among federal, state and local government agencies,
philanthropic foundations, and other individuals interested in bird
conservation not covered by existing conservation initiatives. Their
goal is to focus resources on the improvement of monitoring, and
inventory, research, management, and education programs
involving birds and their habitats.

USShorebirdIntroduction2.jpg The U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan (USSCP) is a partnership which involves
organizations throughout the United States committed to the conservation of
shorebirds. The organizations and individuals working on the plan have
developed conservation goals for each region of the country, identified
critical habitat conservation needs, and proposed education and outreach
programs to increase awareness of shorebirds and the threats they face.

nawcpcover.jpgThe North American Waterbird Conservation Plan (NAWCP) was developed to
create a cohesive, multi-national partnership for conserving and managing
waterbirds (seabirds, wading birds, gulls, terns, pelicans, marshbirds) and
their habitats throughout North America. Their goal is to produce a plan
whose implementation results in maintaining healthy populations,
distributions, and habitats of waterbirds in North America, throughout their
breeding, migratory, and wintering ranges.


MN Prairie PlanMinnesota Prairie Conservation Plan - A habitat plan for native prairie, grassland, and wetlands in the Prairie Region of western Minnesota.

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