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Working Lands Initiative

The Working Lands Initiative (WLI) was created in 2005 as a result from requests for the development of science-based priority areas for wetland and grassland conservation in Minnesota. The goal of the WLI is the conservation of wetland and grassland habitat complexes. As part of this initiative, federal and state agencies will partner with other conservation groups to identify, map, and protect areas that contain highly productive grasslands and wetlands.

The Working Lands partnership is working toward completing habitat complexes by adding the neccessary management or restoration activity to maximize wildlife benefits on minimal acres. By identifying areas where significant investment has been made or existing habitat may be already in place, Habitat Complexes can be created through the integration of multiple conservation programs.

Working Lands Initiative Presentation

For more information on the Working Lands Initiative visit:

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Working Lands Initiative Webpage.

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