Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
Midwest Region


The Habitat and Population Evaluation Team (HAPET) has published several scientific publications. Below you will find our recent publications and links to the articles.

HAPET Publications:

A proposed framework [Bird Conservation Regions] for delineating ecologically-based planning, implementation, and evaluation units for cooperative bird conservation in the U.S.
Rex R. Johnson - 1999

A new paradigm for bird conservation - The role of applied science in conserving the full spectrum of North American birds through regional partnerships.
Rex R. Johnson, Charles K. Baxter, and Seth E. Mott - 2004

An emerging agency-based approach to conserving populations through strategic habitat conservation.
Rex R. Johnson, Charles K. Baxter, and Michael E. Estey - 2009

Assessing Wetland Changes in the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesota from 1980-2007
Fred T. Oslund, Rex R. Johnson, and Dan R. Hertel - 2010

Beyond strategic habitat conservation - The unrealized potential of NABCI.
Rex R. Johnson and Charles K. Baxter - 2010

Biological planning for bird conservation at the landscape scale: Developing shared conservation strategies in the U.S.
Rex R. Johnson, Seth E. Mott, and D. A. Smith - 2006

Delineating Grassland Bird Conservation Areas in the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region
Rex R. Johnson, Diane A. Granfors, Neal D. Niemuth, Michael E. Estey, and Ronald E. Reynolds - 2010

Effect of Landscape Position on Wildlife Habitat Value of Restored Wetlands in a Tile-drained Agricultural Region. In Press
David Otis, William Crumpton, David Green, Anna Loan-Wilsey, Rex Johnson, and Tom Cooper

Effects of Specialized Grazing Systems on Waterfowl Production in Southcentral North Dakota
William T. Barker, Kevin K. Sedivec, Terry A. Messmer, Kenneth F. Higgins, and Dan R. Hertel

The past, present, and future of prairie potholes in the United States
Rex R. Johnson, Fred T. Oslund, and Dan R. Hertel - 2008

Using GIS to Predict Mallard Nest Structure Occupancy
John R. Frieberg, Michael C. Zicus, and Dan Hertel - 2005

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