Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
Midwest Region


The Prairie Pothole Region Integrated Landscape Conservation Strategy (PRRILCS) is a broad interdisciplinary and inter-agency partnership that is working to develop and implement an integrated vision of conservation and agriculture throughout the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesota and Iowa.

Our primary objective is to promote an integrated approach to conservation that ensures--

  • Healthy and resilient wildlife populations;
  • Clean water for drinking, recreation, and habitat;
  • Reduced flooding; and
  • Vibrant and sustainable local agriculture-based economies.

This effort consists of a Steering Committee, representing over 20 different federal, state, and NGO partners in Minnesota and Iowa.

Three technical teams (wildlife, water, and agriculture-economics) are working to facilitate increased communication amongst partners and to consolidate existing plans, tools, and data—to enable a broad evaluation of conservation priorities throughout the region. The resulting information and tools will help maximize efficiency, promote strategic implementation, reduce conflicts between conservation and agricultural priorities, and will ultimately increase our capacity to predict the ecological outcomes of various land management scenarios.

For more information please contact:

Ryan Drum
Wildlife Biologist
Habitat and Population Evaluation Team

Additional information can also be found at the PPRILCS wiki site: http://pprilcs.wikispaces.com/


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Last updated: March 24, 2011