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Land Value Maps

Map of Land Values in Minnesota and Iowa Efficient population management through habitat conservation is a function of predicted biological benefits of management versus cost. Although most HAPET products predict the biological benefits side of this cost:benefit relationship, the Land Values database contains information on average farmable land values.

This digital database was constructed from township-level land values obtained from the University of Minnesota, Department of Agricultural Economics (circa 2000), and from county-level land values from Iowa State University, Department of Economics (circa 2000). Land values in the database reflect average farmable land costs across the entire county or township.

Specific tracts will have higher or lower values. The Land Values database is only meant to depict spatial trends in values across the region.

An ideal management scenario predicts relatively high biological benefits at low cost for fee-title or easement acquisition. In truth, this is often the case because in the intensively farmed landscapes of Minnesota and Iowa, wildlife habitat can often only be protected or restored on the most marginal lands for agriculture. Unfortunately, the most productive (and profitable) land for agriculture was probably the most productive for wildlife prior to conversion.

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For more information on the Land Values database contact:

Dan Hertel
Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
US Fish and Wildlife Service
18965 County Hwy. 82 S
Fergus Falls, Minnesota USA

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Last updated: July 10, 2008