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A Landscape Approach to Grassland Bird Conservation

Savannah Sparrow

The Grassland Bird Conservation Area model is a conceptual model based on broadscale landscape characteristics thought to be desirable for a variety of grassland nesting birds. Although it has proved useful for conservation planning, empirical models of species specific habitat and landscape attributes can further refine planning efforts. Breeding Bird Survey data can be used to explore some aspects landscape scale habitat selection, but these data were not collected for this purpose and many assumptions must be made when developing models from these data. A better approach is to develop a study specifically designed to link bird densities with local and landscape habitat attributes.

Dr. Dave Naugle ( University of Montana ) and Dr. Rolf Koford ( Iowa State University ) have initiated a large, multi-state and multi-partner study to examine grassland bird habitat selection in the Prairie Pothole Region of the U.S. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regions 3 and 6 HAPET offices provided technical assistance by drawing point count samples based on landscape and land use characteristics. Data collection for the 3rd year (2004) was recently completed, and a 4th and final season is planned for 2005. The following report provides project details and progress to date.

2003 Progress Report

For additional information on other strategic planning tools for grassland birds contact:

Diane Granfors, PhD
Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
US Fish and Wildlife Service
18965 County Hwy. 82 S
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