Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
Midwest Region

Welcome to the Midwest Region's Habitat and Population Evaluation Team (HAPET).


The Habitat and Population Evaluation Team (HAPET) provides biological support to U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wetland Management Districts, National Wildlife Refuges, partners, and various conservation agencies and organizations in the Prairie Pothole portion of Minnesota and Iowa.


The Prairie Pothole Region covers approximately 300 thousand square miles in south-central Canada and the north-central United States. Areas included are portions of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, also north-eastern Montana, most of North Dakota, eastern South Dakota, western Minnesota and north-central Iowa. Prior to settlement, this area was a paradise for waterfowl, prairie chickens, whooping cranes, bison, wolves and other prairie wildlife. Agricultural changes to the landscape included the loss of most native prairie and the drainage of over 50 percent of the small wetlands. The area remains a critical waterfowl production and migration area.

HAPET is co-located with the Fergus Falls Wetland Management District and the Fergus Falls Wetland Acquisition office. The complex is situated 2.5 miles south of Fergus Falls, Minnesota on County Highway 82.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
18965 County Highway 82
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Phone: (218) 739-2291
Fax: (218) 739-9534
Email: Ronald_Pritchert@fws.gov

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