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Breeding Bird Survey Models


Bobolink Probability MapClay-colored sparrow probability mapLe Conte's sparrow probability map

Key to probability maps

The HAPET is engaged in a number of projects to develop models that predict the habitat suitability and carrying capacity of grassland bird habitats based on site and landscape characteristics. Developing models from new data is a time consuming process. While models from original research are being developed, the HAPET has developed interim models by mining the existing Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) database, available from the US Geological Survey Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. The location of stops along digitized BBS routes were estimated and the presence or absence of each species at each stop was determined for 3 years of surveys. The probability of detecting a species could then be modeled using the characteristics of the surrounding landscape. Candidate variables for these models included: proportion of grass, crop, trees, and wetlands in the surrounding landscape, grass patch size, number of grassland patches, topographical variation, and number of landcover types. Once the model is developed, maps can be made that depict the probability of detecting a species across the region.

For additional information on models developed from Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) data, contact:

Diane Granfors, PhD
Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
US Fish and Wildlife Service
18965 County Hwy. 82 S
Fergus Falls, Minnesota USA

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Last updated: July 10, 2008