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2012 News and Accomplishments




December 4, 2012: Citizen Tip Helps Close the Knox County Whooping Crane Case


Whooping cranes



November 27, 2012: Ultralight-led Whooping Cranes Arrive at Wintering Destination in Florida



Ultralight in sky with 4 whooping cranes following.



October 3, 2012: Endangered Whooping Cranes Depart on Ultralight-guided Flight to Florida


Ultralight with cranes following.



October 3, 2012: Comment Period Reopened for Proposed Habitat Conservation Plan for Midwest Wind Energy Facilities



September 2012: The Fox River 50 Years After Silent Spring


Fox River marsh



August 29, 2012: Midwest Wind Energy Conservation Plan in Eight States

News Release

Federal Register Notice of Intent (PDF)



Wind turbines



July 19, 2012: Continued Collection of Karner Blue Butterfly Genetic Samples for Global Climate Change Research Project


Taking Karner blue butterfly wing clips for climate change study.



June 2012: Kirtland's Warbler Updates


Kirtland's warbler



May 31, 2012: The Elusive Fassett’s Locoweed of Wisconsin


Fassett's locoweed



May 30, 2012: Dwarf Lake Iris Draft Recovery Plan Available for Public Review and Comment


News Release: Recovery Plan Outlines Steps to Help Rare Plant

Draft Recovery Plan (68-page PDF; 500KB)

FR Notice of Availability (2-page PDF)

Dwarf Lake Iris Information


Dwarf lake iris



May 16, 2012 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Celebrates Endangered Species Day Midwest Species Make Progress



May 2, 2012: Wild Whooping Crane Hatches in Central Wisconsin



May 1, 2012: Ron Refsnider, USFWS Retiree, Wisconsin DNR's Comback Champ for Kirtland's Warbler work.


Ron Refsnider holding a Kirtland's warbler.



April 18, 2012: Spring Migration is Underway for the "Class of 2011: Whooping Cranes


Two adult whooping cranes



March 29, 2012: First Whooping Crane nest of the 2012 season.


Whooping crane nest with two eggs. .



March 13, 2012: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Two Freshwater Mussels as Endangered: Spectaclecase and Sheepnose

News Release

Information about Sheepnose

Information about Spectaclecase



Feb. 23, 2012: Piping Plover Nesting Habitat Protection Along the Shores of Lake Michigan


Piping plover



February 13, 2012: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Two Freshwater Mussels as Endangered Species




News Release


Information about Listing the Rayed Bean


Information about Listing the Snuffbox



February 03, 2012: Ultralight-led Whooping Cranes will head to Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge



Jan. 9, 2012: Reward Fund Started for Indiana Whooping Crane Case



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