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Threatened and Endangered Species Program in Wisconsin

Protecting and recovering rare and endangered species and the ecosystems that sustain them.


Karner blue butterfly on hawkweed.  Photo by USFWS: Joel Trick

Karner blue butterflies are an endangered species found in the oak savannas of central Wisconsin.


Photo by USFWS: Joel Trick

Threatened, Endangered, Proposed and Candidate Species in Wisconsin


Listed Species' Ranges by County


Counties and the listed species found there


Featured Wisconsin Species

Gray Wolf (links to our Regional gray wolf site)


Hine's Emerald Dragonfly


Kirtland's Warbler


Karner Blue Butterfly


Piping Plover


Critical Habitat in Wisconsin

Hine's Emerald Dragonfly


Piping Plover


Habitat Conservation Plans in Wisconsin


Wisconsin State-Wide HCP for Karner Blue Butterflies


Section 7 Consultation


Section 7 Consultation Process Explained


Step-by-Step S7 Consultation Guide


Permits and Habitat Conservation Plans

Permits can be issued to "take" listed species.


Types of permits and how to apply


Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) in the Upper Midwest


National HCP website


Information about the Endangered Species Act





More Information about Endangered Species in Wisconsin





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