Fisheries, Midwest Region
Conserving the Nature of America

Workforce Management

The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Program relies on a broad range of professionals to accomplish its mission: biologists, managers, administrators, clerks, animal caretakers, and maintenance workers. Without their skills and dedication, the program cannot succeed. Employees must be trained, equipped and supported in order to perform their jobs safely, often under demanding environmental conditions, and to keep current with the constantly expanding science of fish and aquatic resource management and conservation.

The goals of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Program are to maintain and support an adequately-sized, strategically positioned workforce with state-of-the-art training, equipment, and technologies in their career fields by:

  • staffing field stations at levels adequate to effectively meet the Service's goals and objectives in fish and other aquatic resource conservation,
  • providing employees with opportunities to maintain competencies in the expanding knowledge and technologies needed to improve opportunities for professional achievement, advancement and recognition, and
  • providing employees with access to facilities and equipment needed to perform their jobs effectively, efficiently and safely.