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Asian Carp Management

Agencies accelerate action in response to new test results suggesting Asian carp presence in Calumet Harbor

The multi-agency Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) has received information from the University of Notre Dame about one positive environmental DNA result for silver carp in Calumet Harbor approximately one-half mile north of the Calumet River and one more at a location in the Calumet River north of O'Brien Lock.

The RCC is comprised largely of agencies, including the Service, that participated in the December 2009 successful "rapid response" action. It is now working to respond to the most recent eDNA results, including, but not limited to the consideration of.

  • Rapid deployment of intensive netting, including electrofishing and specialized netting alternatives.
  • Continued research into scientific advances to apply detection systems to pinpoint the exact location and numbers of carp.
  • Planning to develop the concept of how existing structures, such as locks, could be operated in a way that would minimize the risk of carp migration.
  • Expedited construction of new electric dispersal Barrier IIB to complement existing barriers, and severance of culverts and other bypass routes in the event of flooding.
  • Accelerate development of possible biological controls for Asian Carp.
  • Continued efforts to assess "ecological seperation" as a long-term strategy.

The Service remains committed to supporting our partners by assisting in intensified field monitoring and focused fish sampling, exploring new methods of Asian carp control, and engaging community stakeholders.

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