Midwest Region
Conserving the Nature of America
Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act

Agreement: F10AP00081
Pere Marquette instream habitat enrichment project, Baldwin, Michigan 

Agreement: F11AP00572
Completing the Protected Lands Layer for the Great Lakes

Agreement: F11AP00570
Restoring Wetland Habitat for the Federally-Threatened Northern Distinct Population (DPS) of the Copperbelly Water Snake

Agreement: F10AP00122
Quantifying Genetic, Phenotypic, and Reproductive Differences of Siscowet and Lean Lake Trout Reared in a Controlled Environment

Agreement: F10AP00132
Predicting Climate Change Induced Distributional Shifts in Great Lakes Region Reptiles

Agreement: F10AP00073
Avian Migration Within the Lake Superior Coastal Region of Minnesota

Agreement: F10AP00074
Chiwaukee Prairie Wetland Restoration

Agreement: F10AP00075
Wetland Restoration and Openland Enhancement at French Creek Wildlife Area

Agreement: F10AP00077
Development of Non-lethal Sampling Method for Disease Detection

Agreement: F10AP00079
Updating and Tracking Wetland Changes in the Great Lakes

Agreement: F10AP00080
Reducing the Incidental Catch of Lake Trout in Large-mesh Gill-net Fisheries for Lake Whitefish

Agreement: 30181-A-G011
Mapping Pelagic Bird Distribution and Abundance as a Decision Making Tool

Agreement: F09AP00028
Spatial and Temporal Components of Variation in Great Lakes Percid Populations Implications for Conservation and Management

Agreement: F09AP00029
Great Lakes Spotted Muskellunge Restoration Natural Spawning Effort and Recruitment Evaluation

Agreement: F09AP00030
Evaluation of Habitat Remediation in Thunder Bay Lake Huron, on Lake Trout Spawning Success

Agreement: F09AP00031
Evaluation of Lake Trout Spawning Reef Suitability in Illinois Waters of Lake Michigan

Agreement: 30181-9-G023
Lake Erie Watershed Wetland Restoration

Agreement: 30181-9-G024
Glacial Habitat Restoration Area and Rush Lake Initiative

Agreement: 30181-9-G027
Surveillance of Botulism E Related Mortality in Waterbirds Wisconsin Great Lakes

Agreement: 30181-9-G030
Open-Land Enhancement at French Creek Wildlife Area and Swan Lake Wildlife Area

Agreement: 30181-9-G031
Brook Trout Habitat Protection and Restoration in the Salmon Trout River Watershed, Marquette County, Michigan

Agreement: F12AP00183
The Importance of the Larval Stage to Cisco Recruitment Variation in the Great Lakes

Agreement: F08AP0017
Poor Quality of Spawning Habitat: A Serious Impediment to Cisco Rehabilitation in the Great Lakes

Agreement: F08AP00018
Ashland Flats WMA Grassland Restoration Project

Agreement: F08AP00019
Surveillance of Botulism E Related Mortality in Waterbirds Wisconsin Great Lakes

Agreement: F08AP00020
Genetic Population Structure of Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) in Lake Huron

Agreement: 30181-8-G019
Strain Composition of Lake Trout at Lake Michigans Mid Lake Reef Complex

Agreement: 30181-8-G021
Identifying Potential Lake Trout Spawning Habitat in Lake Erie