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  • “There’s an app for that”
  • Aquatic Invasive Species Assessments
  • Why do we Electrofish?
  • Hatchery Improvement Project Keeps Floodwaters Out
  • Using Acoustics to Measure Lake Superior Cisco Abundance
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  • Valley Stewardship Network
  • Cisco in Northern Lake Huron Tagged
  • Restoration Efforts for Brook Trout
  • Double Benefit
  • Aquatic Invasive Species Program
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  • Sharing Our Stories Continued...
  • Watercraft Operations Safety Training
  • A World of Waters and Wildlife
  • Research Precedes Offshore Cisco Stocking
  • Tracking Lake Sturgeon Movement
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  • Sharing Our Stories Continued...
  • Where butterflies meet bikes
  • AIS Early Detection Surveys Completed
  • A Day on the River Event
  • Partnership to Expand Knowledge of Silver Chub
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  • Sharing Our Stories
  • Pilot Lake Sturgeon Study Successful
  • Youth Deer Hunt
  • The Art of Fishery Management
  • Tubenose Goby Discovery
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  • The Mussels Have Come Home
  • Useful Info on Targeted Fish Species
  • You Can Run, But You Can't Hide!
  • Mentoring the Next Generation of Conservationists
  • Freshwater Mussel Identification
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  • Lake Sturgeon were the Star Attraction
  • AIS Sampling Expands to Escanaba, MI
  • Detroit River Restoration Celebration
  • Paging Doctor Carp
  • Genoa Boosts Tribe's Plan
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  • My New Aquatic World
  • East Bound and Down
  • First Community Fishing Day
  • Spill Exercise Aims to Protect Lower Green Bay
  • Release the Mollusk!
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  • Are Asian Clams the Next Invasive Mussel
  • Partnering with Commercial Fisherman
  • Mark Holey Receives Buzz Besadny Award
  • FWS Honors Midwest Recovery Champs
  • Sunset to Sunrise
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  • 7th Annual Detroit River Kids Fishing Festival
  • Shining Shiners at the Hatchery
  • The Old Bait and Switch
  • Importance of River Mouth Habitats in Lake Michigan
  • Asian Carp Sampling on the Minnesota River
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  • Wisconsin Lake Superior Basin
  • SCUBA Team Dives into Safety!
  • Staff Represention at IAGLR 2017
  • Mississippi Flyway Waterfowl Wing Bee
  • Conservation Exchange Stops at the Genoa NFH
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  • Pallid Sturgeon Sampling
  • Chinese Delegation Visit
  • Fragile Papershell Mussels
  • Clamping Down on Illegal Grass Carp Sales
  • Sweet Success…with a Little Help from our Friends
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  • Fish Ageing More Art than Science? Not Anymore!
  • Black Carp Captures Accelerate
  • Educate Boaters about Aquatic Invasive Species
  • Looking Back to Build the Future
  • Life on the Road with the Streamside Trailer!
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  • Lake Herring Transport Study
  • Status of Lake Trout Rehabilitation
  • Native Mussels Get a Jump Start
  • Larval Fish ID Workshop
  • Annual Update of Great Lakes Fish Stocking Database Completed
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  • A Parasitologist Love Story
  • Mussel Cages Get a Facelift
  • Another Field Season in the Books
  • A Burbot Tale
  • Students Learn Fish Anatomy
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  • A Bit of Local History is Unearthed
  • Swamp Fish
  • Return of Lake Trout Heralds the Cisco Comeback
  • Acoustic Tracking of Stocked Lake Sturgeon
  • The Shutter Closes on 2016
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  • When Fish Worlds Collide
  • Staying Up Late to Collect Larval Fish
  • Fish Thrive in Restored Barrier Islands
  • Landscape Restoration on Private Land
  • Dazzled by 50,000 Juvenile Winged Mapleleaf Mussels
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  • Cub Scouts Learn about Asian Carp
  • A Good Deal for Fish and Wildlife
  • New Home to Cisco Restoration
  • Annual Sampling for Undocumented Species
  • Retired Brood Fish Make a Splash
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