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  • Outdoor Classroom Chronicles Part !
  • The Gift of Sunshine
  • Lake Trout Tagging for 2012 Completed
  • Mobile EDNA Filtering Trailer Testing
  • Habitat Enhancement Projects

  • Field Focus Carterville FWCO
  • Friends Group Educates the Public
  • One Bazillion Carp?
  • Assisting with Coded Wire Tag Recoveries
  • On the Road Again!

  • It's Time to Look for Winged Mapleleaf
  • Silver Creek Super Project Completed
  • A Day Stern Trawling on the Missouri River
  • Sturgeon at the Extremes
  • Hatchery Fall Fest at Jordan River NFH

  • Annual Lake Sturgeon Release Ceremony
  • 100 lbs of Asian Carp...MMMM Good!
  • Whittlesey Creek Brook Trout
  • Attempt to Verify Presence of Asian Carp
  • Partnership Produces Data on Key Forage Species in Lake Huron

  • Summer Means Survey Time for the Mussel Program
  • Strapping Cages and Fish to Barges? Not your Everyday Job!

  • Fish Passage in the Ozark Highlands of Missouri

  • Down at the River Essay

  • Lake Sturgeon Spawning Assessment in the Bad River, Wisconsin
  • International Efforts Return Sturgeon to Tribal Waters

  • Lake Ontario Bloater Reintroduction Efforts
  • Help with Thunder Bay Reef Habitat Restoration Project

  • Great Lakes Mass Marking Program Prepares Fleet for 2012 Season
  • Great Lakes Fish Tag and Recovery Lab Completes Tag Extraction for 2011

  • The Winter of Fish Content
  • Fishin' and Fun on the Hard Water

  • Asian Carp and the 72nd Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference
  • Partners for Fish & Wildlife Black River Road Crossing Improvement

  • First Collection of Lake Huron Perry Sound Lake Trout Eggs
  • Net Guru Enlisted To Target Carp

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