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  • La Cross FHC 2011- A Year in Review
  • Mayflies go MIA

  • Celebration Marks Lake Sturgeon Return to the Kalamazoo River
  • Great Lakes Mass Marking Team Completes Tagging Operations

  • Jordan River NFH Transforms Grounds Into Outdoor Classroom
  • Jordan River NFH Celebrates Completion of Construction Projects

  • Finding Endangered Mussels? You Gotta Get Your Feet Wet
  • Aqua Kids TV Show - Day 1: The Battle Against Asian Carp
  • Aqua Kids TV Show - Day 2: Lake Michigan Lake Sturgeon Restoration

  • Brown Bridge Dam Removal: Open House in Traverse City
  • Youth Outdoor Fest, Sparking an Interest, Igniting a Flame
  • Word Begins on a New Sturgeon Rearing Trailer

  • Getting Into Nature
  • What's in the Bucket?
  • At La Crosse FWCO - Outreach Events in Full Swing
  • Genoa NFH Receives Grant to contruct Interpretive Center

April 2011 Edition of Fish Lines
  • Frozen Fish
  • Chesaning Rock Ramp Monitoring on the Shiawassee River
  • Midwest Coordinator Receives Vision Award

  • Past President of Neosho NFH Friends Group Will Be Missed
  • Status of Lake Trout Rehabilitation in Lake Michigan
  • Love is in the Water at Genoa NFH

  • A Siege of a Different Kind in Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • The Dollars and Sense Behind Sea Lamprey Control
  • Turkey River Fish Passage: Vernon Springs Dam - Iowa

  • Tag Recovery Lab Improved for Mass Marking Program
  • Biologists Lead 4th Grade Science Classes
  • Illinois Fish Passage Barrier Inventory

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