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Results: Ohio River Watershed

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04/30/18 10/09/18

Kanawha River

04/16/18, 4/30/18, 06/04/18 09/26/2018

Muskingum River, Ohio River and Little Kanawha River, Tomlinson Run, Cluster Island Side Channel, Yellow Creek, Babbs Island, Little Beaver Creek

04/03/18 07/05/2018

Tennessee River (Nickajack Tailwaters, Mullens Creek, Nickajack Lake; Browns Lake, Nickajack Lake; Nickajack Lake, Main Channel; Chickamauga Tailwaters; Watts Bar Tailwaters)

04/03/18 07/05/2018

Tennessee River (Wilson Tailwaters; Wheeler Tailwaters; Elk River; Wheeler NWR; Guntersville Tailwaters)

04/02/18 06/20/2018

Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, Bay Springs Lake

05/05/17 08/09/2017

New Cumberland Pool and Montgomery Island Pool

05/02/17 06/21/2017

Little Kanawha River, Ohio River, Middle Island Creek and Kanawha River

04/17/17 06/13/2017

Muskingum River

04/26/17 06/06/2017

Pickwick Lake, Bay Springs Lake, Wilson Dam Tailwaters, Wheeler Dam Tailwaters, Elk River, Guntersville Dam Tailwaters, Nickajack Dam Tailwaters, Mullens Creek, Watts Bar Dam Tailwaters and Chickamauaga Tailwaters

04/25/16 08/31/2016

Tombigbee Waterway

04/28/16 08/31/2016

Chickamauga Lake, Nickajack Lake, Watts Bar Tailwaters

04/26/16 08/31/2016

Elk River, Guntersville Tailwaters, Pickwick Lake, Wilson Tailwaters, Wheeler Tailwaters

06/01/16 08/11/2016

Kanawha River: Marmet Pool and London Pool, Little Kanawha River and Willow Island Pool

05/18/16 08/09/16

Beaver River

05/17/16 - 05/19/16 07/28/16

Dashields Pool, Emsworth Pool, Little Beaver Creek, Montgomery Island Pool, New Cumberland Pool, Pike Island Pool, Raccoon Creek

04/19/16 06/30/16

Muskingum River

09/21/15 10/29/15

Beaver River, Little Beaver Creek, Montgomery Island Pool, New Cumberland Pool

07/27/15 09/29/2015

Ohio River: Killbuck Creek, Muskingum River, Tuscarawas Creek, Wills Creek

06/22/15 08/24/2015

Ohio River: Kanawha River, Little Kanawha River; Willow Island Pool

05/11/15 - 05/28/15 07/29/15

Allegheny, Beaver River, Chartiers Creek, Dashields/Emsworth Pools, Little Beaver Creek, Monongahela River, Montgomery Island Pool, New Cumberland Pool, Pay Lakes, Pike Island Pool

04/27/15 06/16/15

Tennessee River (Multiple Locations)

07/14/2014 - 07/28/2014 12/03/2014

Ohio River: Allegheny River; Chartiers Creek; Kanawha River; Little Beaver Creek; Little Kanawha River; Pike Island Pool; Racoon Creek

07/14/2014 11/06/2014

Ohio River: Montgomery Island Pool

07/14/2014 11/03/2014

Ohio River: New Cumberland Pool

06/09/2014 08/25/2014

Beaver River, Ohio River: Dashields/Emsworth Pools, and Monongahela River

06/09/2014 08/25/2014

Muskingum River

10/21/2013 11/18/2013

Ohio River