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Management and Control Plan

Carterville FWCO staff led the drafting of the Management and Control Plan for Bighead, Black, Grass, and Silver Carps in the United States(Plan) that was completed in 2007. The Plan was developed by the Asian Carp Working Group, which included approximately 70 members from federal and state agencies and nongovernmental interests in Canada and the U.S.The ultimate goal of the Plan is the eradication of Asian carp in the wild with the exception of non-reproducing triploid grass carp within planned locations.
Captured Big Head Carp
Bighead carp captured on the Middle Mississippi River. Credit: USFWS

Currently, Carterville FWCO is working with other agencies and partners to expand Asian carp control and management to a national scale. Efforts include prioritizing the management actions in the Plan, implementing national Asian carp management actions where time and funds allow in the prioritized fashion, and working with other to coordinate and communicate efforts about Asian carp management in all of North America.