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The Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) program was authorized by Congress in Fiscal Year 2002 to provide technical and financial assistance to private landowners who are willing to partner with their States or Tribes to maintain and enhance habitat for "at-risk species". These rare animals (birds, fish, mammals, insects, and crustaceans) and plants, which are identified by each state, include State- and Federally-listed species, and other species with small and/or declining numbers in the State. These species may be prevented from becoming "listed" (as endangered or threatened), by timely habitat or population enhancement on private lands. It is expected that LIP funds will be used in conjunction with other conservation efforts such as Federal farm program conservation initiatives and non-governmental organization funding.

This is a nationally competitive grant program with a 10% set-aside for tribal grants. Tribal grants are administered by the FWS Region 3 Tribal Liaison Coordinator. Presently all 8 Region 3 States and 14 Tribes are receiving grants.

This Program Helps:

  • Encourage private landowners to conserve and manage critical habitat

  • Protect habitat through conservation easements

  • Prevent rare or declining species from being "listed"

For Additional Information:

Further Questions. . .

If you think that you might be interested in participating in the Landowner Assistance Grants Program, your first step is to contact your State Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs Coordinator for the State program, or the FWS Region 3 Tribal Liaison Coordinator, for the tribal program. You can obtain the name and telephone number of your State Coordinator or Tribal Liaison from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs at 612-713-5130.

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