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Species of Concern


Cerulean Warbler Risk Assessment
Appendix 3

pdf version

Observer List

Outside Observers

Jim Giocomo, University of Tennessee
Vicky Meretsky, Indiana University


FWS Observers

Mike Armstrong, Region 4
Sue Bruenderman, Region 3 (days 1 and 2 only)
Donna Brewer, NCTC
Diane Lynch, Region 5 (day 1 only)
TJ Miller, Region 3
Ron Refsnider, Region 3
Charlie Scott, Region 3 (day 1 only)
Jeff Underwood, Region 5 (day 1 only)
Noreen Walsh, Region 4 (day 1 only)
Wendi Weber, Region 3 (day 1 only)


Guest (Day 1 only)

David Pashley, American Bird Conservatory


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Last updated: February 10, 2016