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Species of Concern

Golden-winged Warbler


Finding on Petition to List under the Endangered Species Act


Golden-winged warbler

The golden-winged warbler is a small songbird found in the north-central and eastern United States. The Service was petitioned to list this warbler and the petitioners included information to support their request. The Service has reviewed that information and issued a "positive finding." The finding triggers a thorough review of all available information to determine if the golden-winged warbler's status warrants protection under the Endangered Species Act.


News Release: Golden-winged Warbler May Warrant Protection Under the Endangered Species Act (June 2, 2011)


Federal Register Notice (June 2, 2011): 90-Day Finding on a Petition To List the Golden-Winged Warbler as Endangered or Threatened


Petition to List the Golden-winged Warlber (Vermivora chrysoptera) as a Threatened or Endangered Species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act by Anna Sewell - - 29-page PDF; 2.7MB


Petition Process Fact Sheet: Petitions are formal requests to list a species.


Golden-winged Warbler Working Group: a partnership formed to conserve Golden-winged Warblers


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Golden-winged Warbler web page



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