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S7 Consultation Technical Assistance

Decision Process for "No Effect" Determinations


The following steps will help you fulfill your Endangered Species Act responsibilities, but your project may still affect migratory birds, which are protected under the Migratory Bird Treat Act. To reduce the potential for your project to harm migratory birds, please read and follow the Service's Telecommunications Tower Guidelines.


Telecommunication Projects - Step 4


Step 4:

A. Does your project involve installing towers that include use of guy wires?


Yes - Your project requires further review. Please contact the Ecological Services Field Office nearest the project for assistance.


No - Continue with Step 4.B. below



B. Does your project involve removal of native vegetation (i.e., vegetation other than cultivated plants and lawns)?


Yes - Your project requires further review. Click here to return to Step 2 of the S7 Technical Assistance web pages and continue at step 1.C.


No - Click here to continue with the "no effect" determination process.



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Last updated: February 2, 2016