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Lakeside daisy

Photo by Megan Seymour; USFWS


Lakeside daisy(Hymenoxys acaulis var. glabra)

Status: Threatened

Lakeside daisy is an endemic restricted to the Great Lakes area, within which it is one of the region's rarest plants - naturally occurring at only a handful of sites. In the United States it is known only from the Marblehead Peninsula area in northern Ohio, three restored populations in northern Illinois (where it was known historically from two sites), and a single, extremely small colony in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In Ontario, Canada, where lakeside daisy is most abundant, it occurs along much of the southern coast of Manitoulin Island and in several restricted areas near the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.


Photo by USFWS


Status: Threatened, listed June 23, 1988


Habitat: Dry rocky prairies; limestone rock surfaces including outcrops and quarries


Lead Region: 3


Region 3 Lead Office: Ohio Field Office


Range: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio



This bright daisy is a long-lived perennial growing where few others can, on nearly barren limestone bedrock in full sunlight. All individuals within a given population tend to bloom about the same time, producing the spectacular effect of a golden blanket across a rocky landscape. All the flower heads track the sun across the sky in unison. After about a week, the double notched petals fade before falling. Seed dispersal takes place about a month later. Lakeside daisy also reproduces vegetatively by rhizomatous growth.


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Lakeside Daisy Recovery

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S6 Grant Project (2006) - Great Lakes Shoreline Project (Michigan)



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