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Decurrent false aster (Boltonia decurrens)

Status: Threatened

Decurrent false aster in bloom.

Photo by USFWS; Jody Millar


Status: Threatened, listed November 14, 1988


Habitat: Disturbed alluvial soils (Mississippi and Illinois River alluvial floodplain)


Range: Illinois, Missouri

Lead Region: 3


Region 3 Lead Office: Rock Island, Illinois Field Office

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Sarah Leon talks to recovery champion Marian Smith, Ph.D about the life history and conservation of this rare midwest plant.


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The decurrent false aster is protected under the Endangered Species Act as a threatened species. It is a perrenial plant found in moist, sandy floodplains and prairie wetlands along the Illinois River. Although not very tolerant to prolonged flooding, this plant relies on periodic flooding to scour away other plants that compete for the same habitat.


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Species Profile linked to National USFWS website



Decurrent False Aster 5-Year Review (16-page PDF; 296KB)

July 2012


Partners for Recovery; the Formation of the Boltonia Recovery Implementation Workgroup (Sept. 8, 2010)


Decurrent false aster (Boltonia decurrens) Recovery Plan PDF; 31 page; 2.69MB


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