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Piping Plover - Great Lakes Population

Critical Habitat


Below are links to the Final Decision to designate critical habitat for the Great Lakes Breeding Population of the piping plover and information about the designation, critical habitat, and piping plovers.

Piping plover

Photo by USFWS; Joel Trick



May 7, 2001: Final Determination of Critical habitat for the Great Lake Breeding Population of the Piping Plover (pdf file -  323KB, 32 pages)


Summary of the Final Determination of Critical Habitat for the Great Lakes Breeding Population of the Piping Plover


April 2001: Economic Analysis of Critical Habitat Designation for the Piping Plover:  Great Lakes Breeding Habitat - Final Addendum (pdf file; 43 pages - 145KB)


Piping Plover Critical Habitat Questions and Answers


Critical Habitat Fact Sheet


Counties in the Great Lakes States that have Piping Plover Critical Habitat


Critical Habitat Maps

Maps and Written Descriptions of Piping Plover Critical Habitat (taken from the Final Rule to Designate Critical Habitat)

Illinois and Indiana

Michigan (The description of Michigan critical habitat begins on the bottom of the first page. The first page begins with the description and map for Illinois and Indiana)

Minnesota (includes Douglas County, WI)

New York




Marinette and Manitowoc Counties, WI

Ashland and Douglas Counties, WI (includes St. Louis County, MN)


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Last updated: April 14, 2015