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Endangered Species Permits

Habitat Conservation Plans in Region 3


HCPs In Development | HCPs Completed | HCPs Renewed


HCPs in Development

Hoopeston Wind Farm LLC in Illinois - Indiana Bat and Northern Long-eared Bat


MidAmerican Energy Company Wind Energy Facilities in Iowa - Indiana Bat, Northern Long-eared Bat, Little Brown Bat, Bald Eagle


State of Michigan Mitchell's Satyr Rangewide HCP


Midwest Wind: Multi-Species - Wind Energy Facilities in Eight Midwest States (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin)


Completed HCPs

NiSource: Multi-Species

NiSource Pipeline Right-of-way Habitat Conservation Plan (14 States)


November 14, 2013 - - Nisource Multi-species HCP (14 States)

November 14,2013 - NiSource, Inc.; Record of Decision, Habitat Conservation Plan, Environmental Impact Statement, and Permit Issuance


Higgins Eye Pearlymussel

Quad Cities Nuclear Station (Exelon Generation): Low Effect Habitat Conservation Plan for Quad Cities Nuclear Station, Rock Island County, IL


Draft HCP to support issuance of an Incidental Take Permit (ITP) for the Federally Endangered Lampsilis higginsii mussel and the candidate mussel species Plethobasus cyphyus related to operations of the Quad Cities Station (QCS)


Quad Cities Nuclear Station Environmental Action Statement and Low Effect Screening Form


Quad Cities Nuclear Station Incidental Take Permit Application (PDF)


Hine's Emerald Dragonfly

Enbridge Low Effect HCP for Maintenance in Michigan

Federal Register (March 11, 2013): Notice of Availability of Draft Habitat Conservation Plan; Receipt of Application for Incidental Take Permit; Enbridge Pipelines (Lakehead), L.L.C. (PDF Adobe PDF icon)


Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly Draft Habitat Conservation Plan; Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline Inspection and Repair (140-page PDF Adobe PDF icon)


Screening Form for Low-effect HCP; Enbridge Line 5 Inspection and Repair (4-page PDF Adobe PDF icon)


Indiana Bat

Fowler Ridge Wind Farm (Indiana)


Buckeye Wind Power Project (Ohio)


I-70 Interchange Construction near Indianapolis International Airport, Indiana: Permit issued 04/03/2002


Indiana Bat and Northern Long-eared Bat

Pioneer Trail Wind Farm in Illinois


Wildcat Wind Farm in Indiana


Karner Blue Butterfly

blue bullet Michigan State-wide Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Conservation Plan


blue bulletCobb to Brickyard Reconductoring Project - Low Effect HCP, Michigan: permit issued 04/08/2005.


blue bulletNIPSCO (Indiana): Permit issued 03/06/2006.

This plan pertains to certain gas and electric Rights of Way (ROW) owned and operated by the Northern Indiana Public Service Company, and one
easement owned by the Indiana-American Water Company, Inc hosting electrical facilities, which are maintained by NIPSCO.


Current and potential Karner blue butterfly habitat on NIPSCO properties consists of utility ROW, surrounded by adjacent oak savannas and lakeshore dunes. Past ROW maintenance included mowing every six years, which benefited the butterflies by acting as the disturbance necessary to restart succession and maintain the open areas that lupine needs to thrive. This maintenance can be performed seasonally in order to avoid or limit contact with lupine and Karner blue butterflies, which are active during periods between May and August. Emergency maintenance or repairs of the electric transmission lines, though, may be required at any time of the year, creating a potential operational conflict and a greater risk of butterfly disturbance or destruction due to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.


Northern Indiana Public Service Company HCP (42-page HCP)

Impementing Agreement (8-page PDF)


blue bulletTown of Rome - Adams County, Wisconsin: Permit issued 04/14/1999.


blue bulletWisconsin's Statewide Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Conservation Plan: Permit issued 09/27/1999 - - Permit renewed March 5, 2010.


Least Tern (Interior Population)

Cinergy - Gibson County, Indiana: permit issued 12/21/1999. Permit renewed Nov. 2011.


Lake Erie Water Snake

Long Point, Kelly's Island, Ohio: Permit issued 06/04/2003.


Predevelopment LTD (Ohio): Permit issued 12/21/2005.


Piping Plover

Magic Carpet Woods Association - Leelanau County, Michigan: permit issued 03/20/2001.


Topeka Shiner

City of Adrian - Southwestern Minnesota: permit issued 01/11/2008.


HCP Renewed

Least Tern

Duke Power Company (formerly Cinergy Corp.) Renewal of a Incidental Take Permit (Nov. 2011)


Karner Blue Butterfly

Wisconsin Statewide HCP for Karner Blue Butterfly (March 5, 2010)



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Last updated: March 9, 2017