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The Midwest Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. Find a location near you.


The Midwest Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.
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Permits - HCPs in Development

NiSource Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan


Habitat Conservation Plan

June 2013

Below are the chapters and appendices of the final HCP for viewing or downloading as PDF files.


Cover, Executive Summary, and Table of Contents (17-page PDF; 398KB)


Chapters 1 through 5 (97-page PDF; 2MB)


Chapter 2 - Covered Land and Covered Activities

Chapter 3 - Physical and Biological Environmental Setting

Chapter 4 - Species Analyzed in the MSHCP

Chapter 5 - Conservation Strategy


Chapter 6 - Species Assessments, Impact Analysis, and Mitigation (274-page PDF; 1.3MB)


Chapters 7 through 13 (123-page PDF; 525KB)

Chapter 7 - Monitoring, Reporting, and Adaptive Management

Chapter 8 - Funding Assurances

Chapter 9 - Amendment Process

Chapter 10 - Assurances

Chapter 11 - Alternatives to Take

Chapter 12 - List of Preparers

Chapter 13 - References Cited


Appendix A - Annual Acreage Disturbance Estimates (8-page PDF; 84KB)

Appendix B - NiSource Environmental Construction Standards (204-page PDF; 4MB)

Appendix C - Covered Activities Photographs (5-page PDF; 610KB)

Appendix D - GIS Metadata (511-page PDF; 2.2MB))

Appendix E - Conservation Lands Crossed by NiSource Facilities (15-page PDF; 116KB)

Appendix F - Conservation Frameworks for the "Not Likely to Adversely Affect" Species (99-page PDF; 153KB)

Appendix G - Take Species Maps (26-page PDF; 5.8MB)

Appendix H - Implementation Agreement (PDF)

Appendix I - NFWF Agreement (11-page PDF; 74KB)

Appendix J - Horizontal Directional Drilling (42-page PDF; 4.9MB)

Appendix K - Natural Gas Pipeline & Storage Permitting Processes (11-page PDF; 300KB)

Appendix L - Survey and Other Protocols

L1 to L14 (51-page PDF; 1.2MB)

L-1 Reserved
L-2 Indiana Bat Habitat Assessment Protocols
L-3 Determination of Potential Winter Habitat for Indiana Bats
L-4 Indiana Bat Survey Protocols
L-5 Service Guidelines for Bog Turtle Surveys April 2006
L-6 Bog Turtle Pre-construction Survey Protocol
L-7 Bog Turtle Recovery Plan - Appendix A April 18, 2001
L-8 Karst Monitoring Protocols
L-9 Figure Sinkhole Mitigation Procedures
L-10 Figure Sinkhole Mitigation Procedures
L-11 Figure Sinkhole Mitigation Procedures

L-12 Figure Sinkhole Mitigation Procedures
L13 WV Sinkhole Mitigation Guidance
L14 Herbicide List for use in Madison Cave Isopod Habitat

L15 - Mussel Survey Protocols (24-page PDF; 5.8MB)

L16 - Mussel Relocation Mark/Recapture Protocols (14-page PDf; 160KB)

L17, L18 and L20 Sediment Transport Estimation Method, Disinfection Techniques, Riparian Restoration Standard(20-Page PDF; 1.1MB)

L21 Nashville Crayfish Survey Protocol (20-page PDF; 487KB)

L22, L23 and L24 American Burying Beetle Protocols (55-page PDF; 2MB)

Appendix M - Threats Analysis Tables (36-page PDF; 356KB)

Appendix N - Mitigation Panel Charter (7-page PDF; 36KB)

Appendix O - Information Planning and Consultation System (4-page PDF; 31 KB)

Appendix P - Easement/Acquisition Template (31-page PDF; 110KB)



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