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Endangered Species Permits

Requirements of an HCP

According to section 10(a)(2)(B) of the Endangered Species Act and associated Federal regulations, HCPs must meet six requirements before an incidental take permit can be issued. These requirements are:

  1. All takings must be incidental,

  2. Impacts must be minimized and mitigated "to the maximum extent practicable,"

  3. There must be both adequate funding, and provisions to address "unforeseen circumstances,"

  4. The taking must "not appreciably reduce the likelihood of the survival and recovery of the species in the wild,"

  5. The applicant must ensure that additional measures required by federal regulators will be implemented, and

  6. Federal regulators must be certain that the HCP can and will be implemented.

If the HCP addresses all of these requirements and those of other applicable laws, the permit is issued.


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Last updated: April 14, 2015