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Karner Blue Butterfly


Dr. Noel B. Pavlovic

Karner blue butterfly research:

Research on fire effects, canopy structure, and biodiversity of black oak savannas. I have a paper in press in Restoration Ecology concerning the habitat requirements of wild lupine (Lupinus perennis). I have collaborated with Ralph Grundel on several KKB research projects.


List of Signficant Findings:

The demographic response of wild lupine is dependent on interactions among habitat, competition, and litter cover. Both competition and oak leaf litter cause high mortality in shaded habitats. Partial shade is the optimal habitat for lupine establishment and survival. In full sun, shade from competition and leaf litter enhance establishment and survival.


Work Area:

Indiana, but some work in Wisconsin


Contact Information:

US Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division
Great Lakes Science Center
Lake Michigan Ecological Research Station
1100 N. Mineral Springs Rd.
Porter, IN 46304

(219) 926-8336 X428
Fax: (219) 929-5792



Pavlovic, N. B., R. Grundel, and W. Sluis. 2006. Groundlayer vegetation gradients across oak woodland canopy gaps. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Club. 133(2): 225-239.



Last updated: July 19, 2016